Take Care of Our Planet

Take Care of Our Planet

At Chariot Clothing we realise the effects the fashion industry has on the environment. That’s why we endeavour to choose products that are made from sustainable materials, in ethical factories. We currently have a sustainable range and we continue to expand and replace current products with more sustainable products.

We hope your Chariot Clothing lives a long, happy, active life with you. When
it does eventually come to the end of its life with you, we would ask that you think of the following ways to prolong it:

  • Bring it to a local charity shop where it can continue to be of use to someone.
  • Drop it off at your local clothes bank.
  • If it is showing signs of wear and tear and truly past its sell-by-date perhaps you would consider composting it. Clothes made from 100% cotton (which most of our products are) can be composted.

At the moment, on a global scale, one truck load of clothing enters landfill or is incinerated every second. Much of these clothes could be reused. It is important to think about other ways to extend its life. Clothing can be reused or recycled back into usable clothes again and again, thus reducing the amount of fertile land and fresh water required to grow cotton. Our overall aim is to design a circular economy into the fashion industry. At Chariot Clothing we will continue to explore and find new factories that are adjusting to the circular economy mentality.

We aspire to reduce our plastic consumption. Your product will arrive in a fully compostable bag. Please open this bag carefully as it has a second seal which allows you to use it again. Once you are finished with the bag, it can be deposed of with your green waste.